Life Today

5 Years

It has now been 5 years since we started our journey together as husband and wife. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but we feel that the good greatly outweighs the bad. There is no greater joy that can come in this life than the joy that your family can bring you. We look forward to spending everyday for the rest of our lives together and continuing to grow our little family over time. Love you forever!

Mountains to Climb

Everyone in this life will at sometime be given a mountain to climb. No one is exempt from going through hard things. These types of trials are meant to shape us and make us stronger than we were before. The growth that we gain from these experiences is completely dependent upon how we respond. There will always be pain and sorrow, but we get to decide whether we want to focus on that pain, or focus on the hope of a better tomorrow. We can still make the most of every single day. We can still be happy amidst the chaos. Strive to focus on the good that is in your life and the blessings that you do have. This type of attitude will make the long days feel shorter and the tall mountains seem smaller.

In addition to this, remember that you are NOT alone. You have a Father in Heaven who loves you. You have a Savior who suffered and felt the pain that you are going through right now so that He could be there for you when you needed Him most. There are also people all around you, seen and unseen, who will be there for you. These people WANT to help you through your journey. Rely on them, find strength in each other, and your bond with those people will be fortified in such a way that nothing will ever come between you.

Recovery Update

It has been a little over 6 months since Tristyn came home from the hospital following her bone marrow transplant. We are so pleased with how her recovery has gone up to this point. She has not had any major complications and she seems to be getting stronger every day. While there are days where she is extremely fatigued, or simply does not feel well, she still continues to laugh, smile, and live life to the fullest. She continues to prove that with the right attitude, we CAN do hard things. Everyone of us has a mountain to climb in this life. If we can remember to count our blessings and try to find joy in the journey, the climb doesn’t seem so long. We are so grateful to have Tristyn in remission and to be moving forward with our lives! Her next scan will be some time in the fall. We will do our best to keep you posted on how her journey progresses until then. Thank you for all of your love and support!

Give me mountains to climb. Give me rivers to cross. Give me something that will make me better than I was.


We were fortunate to be able to do a little trip down to Lake Powell over Memorial Day Weekend! If you have never been to Lake Powell, we highly recommend you try to schedule a trip. It is our favorite place on earth and has brought us so much happiness over the years! No where else on earth can you find such an incredible escape with such beauty and so much to do. This place is where we started our love story, it is where we went to escape during our battle with cancer, and it is where we will continue to go to make memories with our family for many years to come.

We also want to give a special thanks to all of our loved ones that have lost their lives to protect this country. You have made it possible for all of us to make happy memories like these. We honor you this holiday!