We want to help other families who are battling cancer right now. One of the best ways to help a family burdened by cancer is to donate to their cause. The financial burden put on families due to medical bills can sometimes feel as heavy as the physical burden. Our goal is to sponsor one cancer related GoFundMe account every month to try to help a family in need. We understand that not everyone will be able to donate to every fund raiser, but we ask that you please give what you can. A lot of people donating a small amount will go a long way in helping these families.

This Month’s GoFundMe

Help Brock Kick Brain Cancer’s Butt!

Please help this young family if you are able! The father, Brock, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. The family has had to leave everything they know to get Brock the treatment he needs down in Texas. Every little bit counts! Please give what you can to help this family with their medical and travel expenses. A lot of people giving a little bit will go a long way to help this family with their battle. Even if you cannot donate, please consider sharing their campaign on social media so we can help get the word out!

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Thank you!

Help Brock Kick Brain Cancer’s Butt!

Brock’s Story:

In March, my sister, Shilo and her sweet husband Brock announced very awful news…Brock has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called Chordoma!  With this devastating diagnosis, life changed in a moment!  Their normal lives have been turned upside down and they are now looking at a future with a tough road ahead!  They are in for a battle – emotionally, physically and financially!  

    Brock had brain surgery to remove the tumor!  He came through it with no complications!   We are all so grateful.          
     Now they are getting ready to begin the second half of this journey – proton radiation.  
    They just recently found out that he will need to start treatments in the next couple weeks at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas!  He will have to go every day for two months!  Which means they will have to leave everything and everyone behind and uproot their lives for the next couple months to Texas! 

     Medical bills and the expenses to travel and find housing in Texas is very overwhelming!  But, add to that the unkown of going through radiation and not being able to have their support system of Family and Friends nearby is just scary!   
    Even in these terrible circumstances,  I know  they will courageously find a way to continue this fight with everything they’ve got!  

     There is so much to think and worry about when you have been given such a devastating diagnosis!  
      My hope is that this fundraiser will help take at least one worry away as much as possible so Brock and Shilo along with little Wyatt can focus on kicking cancer’s butt!  
      Not all of us can be there with them as they navigate this difficult time but we all can donate to help with medical bills and expenses.  Let’s show them that they do not fight alone!
    Even the smallest amount helps and is so very appreciated!  Lets all generously help this sweet family in their greatest time of need!  Please consider donating and help us reach our goal!  

     Also, we would be so grateful if you would share this page with everyone you can!   Keep Brock and his family in your prayers and thoughts – they are needed greatly and felt deeply!  Thank you!

To see updates to Brock’s story, search “Brock’s Fight” on Facebook!

Other Cancer Charities

There are many other charities and fund raisers that go towards cancer research and helping cancer afflicted families. Please also consider donating to one of these charities.

This Month’s GoFundMe

Help Brock Kick Brain Cancer’s Butt!